Super Kids Africa
Become, Grow, Mature

Super Kids Africa is a door way for every child dream and also a platform for the African child to share their talents, gifting, skills and abilities...

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Volunteer In Africa helps
Improve. Develop. Empower

  • It helps serve Childrens' Home
  • Support Children in School, Churches, Hospitals
  • Support Rehabilitation Centres
  • Helps in Community projects & Mission Retreats
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Teens in Africa Creates
Purpose, Potential, Passion among teens

It is committed to provide strong ,positive and biblical influences in the lives of teenagers that helps them live affective life ...

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Home Network Africa Visits
Give a bid to help Kid

We lives to see Orphans, the vulnerable, the HIV affected, the street children, the forgotten children, the illiterate, the children with special needs ...

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Welcome to United Africa for Children

United Africa for children is a non-profitable, non-governmental and non-political Christian organization founded by Christopher Njoroge. We believe our collective unity of purpose will redeem the future of the African child that is at stake, like the flood tide of an angry river.

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Main Pillars Forming United Africa for Children

The organization has come a long way from four different organization the came together to form one main organization which is United Africa For Children in the aim to unite all the kids in the world. The following are the four sub organization.

                        Superkids Africa
                        Home Network Africa 
                        Volunteer In Africa
                        Teens In Africa

Super Kids World Store

World Kids Store is a Super Kids Africa project that gives opportunity for children to display their products and creativity...

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Care Centre Project

Care Centre projects  is a Home Network Project that is motivated to see that orphans, the vulnerable and the needy children...

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Hope for Girl Child

Hope for the girl child is a Volunteer in Africa project aiming to identify the needs and meet the aspiration of the rural, young...

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ABC Bible

ABC Bible is a Super Kids Africa project is a book aim for children from the age of six to the age  of fourteen that teaches...

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Message from Founder

The smile of a child is the paradise of Africa, let us not sit and watch the innocence of our children stepped and ravaged nor their dignity and honour taken away. Let no child live with fear, panicking and with pressure but with the freedom to smile.

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Being on a mission trip or in ministry can be a very stretching Experience. When in ministry and serving in the field often times the spiritual warfare is intense.  Therefore, we are seeking people who are willing to encourage us with verses, devotionals and emails.

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United Africa for Children Events

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People Worked With

United Africa for Children Vision

To create solutions for the problems affecting the African child,
become their voice and be the body of unity, hope and joy for
the African child through the Gospel of Jesus.


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Social media

Socialize with us lets talk and help improve childrens life..


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